Fortis manufactures, fabricates and installs quality irrigation products for irrigation and drainage community.

Our heavy-duty manufacturing includes:

  • Heavy-duty structural steel frames and heavy-duty reinforced slides that promote long-term trouble-free operation
  • Durable jacklifts designed for fast, easy flow control
  • Molded rubber gaskets that form a watertight seal between frame and slide
  • All parts specially coated with marine immersion compound to resist rust and corrosion
  • All metals are American made

Our port valves and lids an be used with concrete, corrugated metal pipe, steel or all types of plastic pipe. They can also be used as check gates and diversion gates in small concrete or dirt ditches in small reservoirs or storage ponds.

We can custom fabricate any metal product to meet any application.

Prices are subject to change without notice and those in effect at the time of shipment will apply.

We Manufacture, Fabricate, Install, Sell

  • Ring locks
  • Clip port valves
  • Concrete head slides
  • Check gates
  • Portable check gates
  • Screw gates
  • Custom check gates
  • Check gate bridges
  • Canal bridges
  • Custom gravity fed check gates for use with poly pipe applications
  • Custom head gates
  • V-gates
  • Automated gates
  • Pipe gates
  • Distribution gates
  • Custom irrigation products


700 Series Headgates

712 Series Headgates

724 Series Headgates



For additional information, please contact:


Shrief Ibrahim

Division Manager

Mobile: 602-290-2169


Robert Gurrola

Fabrication Manager

Mobile:  602-329-1204