Integration and Field Services

Fortis Networks, Inc. provides electrical engineering expertise to integrate network componentry including routers, switches, power sources, fiber termination/storage accessories, alarm and remote monitoring systems.

We mount final configurations in a variety of racks or cabinets, including custom designed and fabricated enclosures. We also provide field services to install finished network integrations and project manage complex deployments.

Fortis assembles, wires, tests and ships system configurations that include network equipment, power sources, fiber termination and storage modules, alarm and remote monitoring components in a variety of racks, cabinets or special enclosures. With a spacious and secure integration facility and trained technicians, we complete uniform configurations in a shorter timeframe than when completed in the field. Fortis provides kitting, inventory management and logistics for finished systems and/or customer inventory.

Custom enclosures often require unique footprint and system configurations. Fortis is a leader in designing and manufacturing custom enclosures to meet customer requirements and industry standards. When required, custom enclosures undergo Network Equipment Building System (NEBS) and Underwriter Laboratories (UL) testing.

Experience With Standards

  • Telcordia®
  • National Electric Code® (NEC)
  • Underwriters Laboratories® (UL)
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers® (IEEE)
  • Numerous Service Provider technical publications
  • Military specifications (MILSPEC)

Experience With Network Architectures

  • Access and Transport Technologies
  • Switching / Routing
  • Central Office (CO)
  • Inside Plant (ISP)
  • Outside Plant (OSP)
  • Head Ends / Trunking
  • Feeder / Distribution Environments
  • Inter-Office Facilities
  • Storage Systems and Data Center applications